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3D Design

Space Exploration

3D World. Adobe Illustrator, Maya, Laser printed acrylic and foam core, 3D prints, Tulle, & blue LED lights. Spring 2017. A team of researchers travel to a nearby galaxy to investigate a natural phenomenon; a strange cluster of lights.

Steam-powered Trumpet

Retro Inventions. Maya. Spring 2017. Created a 3D modeling program called Maya.


Mythical Creatures. Sculptris. Spring 2017.

Inner Turmoil

Visualized Idea. Adobe Illustrator, Laser printed acrylic and chip board & acrylic paint. Spring 2017. Inspired by a statue of goats head-butting in the UW Art Museum, this projects embodies conflicting thoughts.

Sea Dragon

Mythical Creatures. Sculptris. Spring 2017.

Eco-friendly Salad Box: Rabbit Bowl

Problem Solving. Adobe Illustrator, Laser printed and etched chipboard. Fall 2016. A five month group-project that consisted of research and planning; we came up with an alternative to McDonald's salad bowls that includes wax-lined, biodegradable chipboard.

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