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About Sierra M. Sauskojus

Formerly known as Sierra Morrow, I married in 2018 and am known by my new name: Sierra Sauskojus (Sauce-koi-yus). My career in art started off in 2009 when I was commissioned to paint a triptych of a safari scene. Since then, I have been taking on commissions from various people and it has helped in the growth of both myself and my artistic ability. In 2014, my graphic design career begun and has been growing through extensive study and experience. Currently, I am a graphic design intern at the UW Biodiversity Institute and in the UW Women's Basketball Program creating social media graphics, logos, posters, scientific handbooks, & more. 

Graphic Design

In graphic design, the elements and principles of design have made me seriously consider how to create and arrange a layout or graphic. With the knowledge of fine art, I strive to take my designs to another level - not only to portray the message, but also making the message aesthetically pleasing. In my work, my desire is to show an attractive, clean, yet carefully detailed product. 

Fine Art

I create fine art compositions considering the techniques and principles of fine art and design (of which I have learned in college). These techniques and principles have made me become more aware of the colors I choose and mix, of the light in the piece, of the balance in my composition, and of the overall unity (as well as other things such as contrast and what I want to emphasize).

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