Graphic Design

A variety of graphic designs created over the years. This collection includes commissioned pieces and others were created for different organizations such as the University of Wyoming and the UW Berry Biodiversity Center. There also are a few examples of school work from my time at the University of Wyoming.




These books and journals were created for events, art shows, scientific studies, and for personal use. 

Bioblitz Journal 2019
Journal. Spring 2019. I organized the layout, designed the content, drew the analog illustrations, and digitized them in Procreate (iPad pro).
Native Bees of Wyoming
Guide. Fall 2018. Created this guide from scratch, gradually placing information and image that were given to me. This guide will be for sale in 2019.
Bioblitz Journal 2018
Journal. Summer 2018. I organized the layout, designed the content, and drew, then vectorized all of the illustrations in this journal used at the 2018 Bioblitz.
Pleistocene Epoch
Mini Flip-book. Summer 2018. Created the contents and the images for this flip-book; the kids participating with the flip-book would fill out the rest of the blank pages with their own drawings.
BFA 2018 Catalog
Book. Spring 2018. Adobe InDesign & Illustrator. Designed the layout for the 2018 catalog for the University of Wyoming Art Department.
Bioblitz Journal 2017
Journal. Spring 2017. I organized the layout, designed the content, and drew some of the illustrations in this journal used at the 2017 Bioblitz.
Native Mussels of Wyoming
Guide. Spring 2017. Being already partially completed, I finished this guide by updating and adding the content and graphics. It is for sale at the UW Berry Biodiversity Center.
LAWS Brochure
Brochure. Fall 2016. For the Laramie Animal Welfare Society. I used pictures from the company's website as well as photographs supplied to me. I wanted the brochure to be clean and a little playful so I chose a san serif and a hand-written font. There was a lot of information given, so I tried to organize the text as best as I could in order to cut down on the business.
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Posters created for various organizations. Most posters that are created  are altered or reimagined and converted to suit multiple digital platforms.


The postcards seen below were used as advertisements for various art shows and events. 

Additional Print Material

Below are various print materials created for different organizations including infographics, forms, bookmarks, ect.

Business Cards

The graphics below are mainly business cards, but also feature other cards used as tags. 


Social Media Graphics

Cowgirl Basketball

These examples are of designs I made while working for the University of Wyoming Women's Basketball Program.

UWyo Biodiversity Institute

These examples of graphic design were created for either social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, or for as a link to different pages of websites. There are multiple versions of each to show diversity.

Department of Visual & Literary Arts

Mainly created the University of Wyoming's Department of Literary & Visual Arts' Facebook advertisements and cover photos.



These logos were created as commissions, for various organizations, as personal projects, and for different events.

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Science Cafe Logo

Logo. Spring 2018. This logo was hand drawn and then vectorized in Adobe Illustrator.