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Landscape Mug Stickers - Summer 2017

My objective for this series was to recreate the memorable landscapes from my time at Jackson Lake. I decided to make these mini mugs and turn them into stickers while utilizing my graphic design skills. These mugs are a combination of watercolor, ink, and digital work; the paintings were scanned into Adobe Illustrator. 

Fruit Observations - Fall 2015

My objective for this series was the practice of watercolor and furthering my skills in watercolor. Before I created the pieces below, I practiced using watercolor by doing a couple "sketches." The first one created in the series is the apple. I became more comfortable as I progressed through the series. 

Plaza Diane Plein Air Festival - Summer 2015, 14, 13

This series of different views of downtown Powell, Wyoming. Each piece was created in plein air during the Plein Air Festival of which Plaza Diane in Powell puts on every summer. The first painting in this series is flower pot with the vines draping off. 

​Heart Mountain Observations - Fall 2014

The series of work below is of Heart Mountain in Wyoming. Each painting is of the same exact view of Heart Mountain, but during different times of day. This was completed by observation in the fall of 2014 over a period of two weeks. These compositions were demonstrating my knowledge in color. The first one in the series is the morning piece (on the right side).

Color Study: Recreate a Piece of Art - Fall 2014

For my college color class, we were asked to choose an artist and recreate on of their pieces in two different color schemes: one as the original piece looked and another in a different color or colors. The piece I chose to recreate is El Greco's Lady in a Fur Wrap, and my second piece was painted in grayscale. 

Junior Duck Stamps - Spring 2014, 13, 12

This series is of the Junior Duck Stamp Competition I participated in during my sophomore, junior, and senior year. The first one of the series is the piece with the single duck.

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