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First Piece: An Abstract Composite

In Ceramics I, our first big project was to create a "composite" piece. This piece stands at about 15" tall; my inspiration for it was underwater coral and the texture of some trees. Each stalk was created separately from red low-fire clay and connected in various areas with the same clay. Before I glaze this piece, I tried glaze combos on a test stalk. From there, I precede to use cone 04 glazes, turquoise, green grass, satin matte, and beaded (order from bottom to top). The piece was first dipped in hot wax at the bottom, to prevent glaze from sticking to it. Then, I dipped the piece in turquoise, brushed on the green grass as well as the satin matte and beaded glaze. Overall I am pleased with the experience and have learned a lot through this process in terms of glazing.

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