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BI: Working with a brush pen

Bioblitz is this weekend (June 23rd - 25th), and I was asked to come up with some meal coupons. They will serve dinner and breakfast, so I decided to practice my hand with a brush pen and came up with these designs. The only thing I used a reference photo for was the chuckwagon, because I didn't know the details of one. I based the chuckwagon off of the logo of the people who will be serving the food; Chuckwagon Catering. From there I took pictures of these drawings and converted them, in Image Trace, to a black and white drawing. This is the second time I've used Image Trace and it's starting to become my friend. I would say that this project was successful. I learned not to rush things nor work in general over lunch breaks because that's when mistakes such as typo's happen.

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