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New & Old Projects

A couple of weeks ago I found out that I did not have access to the bee guide folder, which contained a treasure trove of files including notes from my supervisors and all sorts of bee information. I was a little flustered about it, but now I am able to make more progress on this project. I have updated the taxonomic accounts to each bee species and added information to the beginning pages of the guide. Currently, I am working on and drawing mock-ups of the anatomy of a typical bee (using the structure of Andrenidae Andrena).

I have also been given the task of creating an icon for the Biodiversity Institute's improved website. The icon features Kid's Corner, which is an area in the BI's building where kids can come and learn/play. The old icon depicted a chameleon, so I wanted to stick with that particular animal. I haven't finished yet, but my progress can be seen here.

The last project I was recently given was to create a save-the-date for the BI's Contribution Award Ceremony. I have yet to start actually creating it, but for now I have been drawing thumbnail ideas.

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