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Since this project started, I've dealt with and learned many things. Things good and some things not so good. The biggest thing I've learned is to ask the meaningful questions; part of the reason I haven't gotten very far these past months is because I failed to ask the right questions. The reason main reason I did not get far was because I didn't have access to a file; I should have known that something was amiss when, after two months, I had close to no information to work with.

Another troublesome thing about working with clients that are traveling is that they won't always have internet to communicate with you. It's difficult to keep working when you come to a fork in the road with no direction. I haven not yet found an answer to this conundrum, but I will keep contemplating on it. An option I was given was to ask for more work, but I didn't want to begin something new when this large project was looming over me. However, I did ask for other small things to do while I waited.

This week I've gotten a bunch of feedback from my supervisors/clients, which I have to say is amazing. I'm still working on the bee anatomy, but I'm also fixing the sizes of the bee silhouettes for each bee species.

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