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New Projects and a New Part-time Job

For the last part of the summer I created a flyer for the Biodiversity Awards Ceremony. This flyer took awhile because of the paintings I decided to work on; a combo painting of a mountain lion and an antelope, and a painting of a plant species found by one of the award winners. At first the design looked like a wedding invitation, so that's when I decided to put animals and plants specific to the recipients instead of decorative flowers. My overall goal was for the flyer to look like a formal invitation. In addition to the flyer, I created a postcard to send out as well.

I had also worked on some more thumbnails for the new Berry Center website this last week. One was for the Wyoming Raptor Initiative and the other was for the Wyoming Raptor Cam Program. Because these are similar entities, I decided to make them similar to one another in layout and design elements.

Now that summer has officially ended and school has started, I will not have as much time to work on the bee guide. I can say, "I wish" this and "I wish" that, but the reality is that the bee guide was not ready to be fully produced. And that is just the fact of the matter.

I have completed my internship with the Berry Center, but I enjoy this job immensely and hope they keep me on for a little while. For now, this will be considered a part-time job instead of the internship.

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